At Social Trinity, we’re not a family.

Here are 3 reasons why we refuse to use the term👇

❌“You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family”… for us this contradicts the fact that we work really hard to find and retain innovative individuals, not only for their skills but for their personalities too. We hire amazing people.

❌ It might've once been well intended, but now there’s so much corporate toxicity attached to “family”. Our team members who have worked at agencies that really push they’re a “family”, found it came with being guilt tripping into being overworked through unsolicited and unpaid work, and taken for granted.

❌ In trying to create a stronger bond between all team members, “family” has developed cult-like behaviour, and in our opinion, the term normalises cliques and leaves new staff isolated.But has our refusal to use the term “family” been beneficial?In the last two years we’ve grown from a full-time team of 6 to 20, and only had three people hand in their notice and leave - and their reasons all amicable:👉To change careers and move into Data and Tech👉Had been in several agencies and wanted to make the move in-house

👉Had a huge passion for music and was a part time DJ and wanted to work in an agency which specialised in that sector

Ultimately we know we have a great employee retention for a reason, above UK average, because we treat our team members like what they are, a strong, determined and skilled TEAM who will support each other through it all, and we'll always be that without labelling ourselves as family.

What are your thoughts?